After the last-year's success, the Ecumenical bus is going in the 2017 again.

The dates are similar to the last-years': August 5th – 14th. (Departure from Prague on Saturday evening, arrival to Prague on Monday morning around 5 – 7 AM). A difference is that we are going to stop by in Strasbourg on our way back in order to get to Prague in the morning (not at midnight as the last year).

Price remains the same. Registration form will be launched around January 10th.

Translation to English:

Ecumenical bus to Taizé

Preferred age of participants 18-30.

Register until June 30th 2017 at


facebook: Ekumenický autobus do Taizé


Translation to English:

What is Taizé?

Taizé is a small village in France. It is also a home for an ecumenical international community, where young people from all around the Europe and world come to share with others and together search for the wellsprings of faith. The main language of the community is French, but most of the people there speak English.

You can find more information about the community at

The theme of this year's meetings is:

Together open the ways of hope.



Stay in Taizé: CZK 1600 (up to 30 years of age) / CZK 3200 (over 30 years of age)

Transport: CZK 1000 (1 trip) / CZK 2000 (round trip)

The bus is organized by the Committee for youth of the Ecumenical council of churches in the Czech republic in cooperation with the Evangelical church of Czech brethren and Czech Bishops' Conference.

Contact email: or